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What is a “Scientific Paper Editing Report”?

An objective analysis of your paper by a third party is a major factor in increasing the acceptance rate of your paper. Our Premium Academic Editing Service analyzes your paper in two parts: language (e.g., accuracy and precision of English) and content (analysis through important elements in academic writing). We provide a review of your paper to assess what should be improved and supplemented before submission.

Example of a Scientific Paper Editing Report

The Paper Review Report is divided into three main chapters.

First, the Language review chapter generally consists of “Overview,” “Organization and flow,” and “Formatting,” and reviews the quality of the English written in the paper.

Then, the Content review is usually divided into the following five parts to review the structure of the paper as well as academic and scientific strengths: “Title, abstract, and keywords,” “Literature review and research rationale,” “Study design or methodology,” “Results and statistical analyses,” and “Discussion and conclusion” and reviews the structure of the paper.

Finally, the chapter “Submission checklist” will review the points that should be prepared before submission to each target journal.

*Sample Table of Contents for Scientific Paper Editing Report

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