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Privacy Policy

We respect our clients' privacy, and feel that keeping your personal information safe is our vital responsibility. This website respects all laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information. We handle personal information as follows.

<Purpose of using personal information>

As a general rule, any personal information you provide us is used solely for providing b-cause products, services, and related information to you, or to improve said products and services. Should your personal information be used for other purposes, we will clearly specify the purpose before you submit your information. B-cause will not use information provided by our clients for other than the legitimate purposes outlined above without authorization.

<Collecting personal information>

We collect personal information through legitimate and fair means within the required scope in order to fulfill our contractual obligations to our client as well as provide better products and services, and valuable information.

<Managing personal information>

We shall not disclose or provide personal information to any third parties, except should one of the following apply.

  • (1)We have received your consent.
  • (2)Your information is disclosed in such a way that you cannot be identified.
  • (3)We commission an outside vendor for the smooth continuation of work and other services.
    (Should an outside vendor be commissioned, we will select one with thorough privacy protection standards in place and appropriately manage all personal information through contractual obligations and other measures.)
  • (4)We deem that it is appropriate for our affiliate to respond to the question.
  • (5)Payment needs to be settled for use of paid services or ordered products.
    (Should payment settlement be required, we may exchange personal information with financial institutions.)
  • (6)We are required to disclose information by law.

<Use of cookies>

This website uses cookies, small packets of information sent to the user's browser that is stored as a file on a disk, in order to provide a more convenient website viewing experience. Cookies cannot be used to obtain any private information on the user. Users who do not wish to receive cookies can disable the cookies setting in their web browser.