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We reply to all inquiries including free estimation within one hour during business hours.

Application Procedure

  1. Enter the HiWork website (Please note that this is our general procedure to control the staffing and payment information).
  2. Enter the registration menu and register with your e-mail address.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email for verification. Click on the link included in the email to complete the email confirmation.
  4. Log in to your registered account at HiWork.
  5. Update your information, including "Basic Information," "Education," "Employment History," "Photo," and "Bank Information.”
    (If you would like to work as an editor, please select the job category field and include "Editor")
  6. Contact us to apply for an interview with the staff number displayed at Mypage.
    (Please submit your CV/resume as a reference when contacting us.)
  7. Wait for a response from us.
    (We will review your registered information at HiWork as well as your CV. We will contact you for an interview if your skills and experience meet our requirements.)
  8. We will set up an appointment for an online interview.
  9. We will get in touch with you later when we have an editing project which matches your expertise and skills.


Q. Should I take an assessment test when applying for an interview? arrow icon

We request a submission of your CV/resume separately from the registration at HiWork. Please note that we will request that you take a test after the interview.

Q. What should I do after the interview? arrow icon

We will get in touch with you after reviewing your expertise and skills when we have an editing project. You can decide whether or not to accept the project depending on your schedule.

Q. How do I receive payment? arrow icon

Payment is generally made at the end of the month following final delivery to the client. You can check the amount of payment and other details on HiWork. Please register your bank information for payment on the Mypage of Hiwork after the interview. Also, please refer to the Payment Policy page as to the payment rules.

Q. Can I receive any extra benefit if I am selected by a client? arrow icon

When a client places an order selecting you as an editor, you will receive an additional payment rate for the project. Your profile information on our editors’ list will help you to have more opportunities to be selected. If you would like to be introduced on our website, please let us know.