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What is an “Certificate of English Editing”?

It is a document that certifies that a manuscript has been edited by a native English-speaking professional editor. Many academic journals and publishers require authors who are not native English speakers to submit an English editing certificate when they request a peer review. When considering requesting an English editing service for your paper, please check the submission guidelines or any instructions to see if the certificate is required.


Notes on Certificate of English Editing

The Certificate of English Editing is our proof that your manuscript has been properly edited by our native English-speaking professional editors such as Certified English Academic Editors or Academic Editing Experts. Please let us know your requirements at the time of placing an order so that we can provide you with a certificate upon delivery of the edited manuscript. We generally do not issue certificates after submission to journals.
If you do not accept our suggested changes, or if you make revisions to your manuscript after our editing and submit it without having it re-edited by us, your manuscript will not be considered for certification. If you wish to make any changes to your manuscript, please use our re-editing service before submission. Please note that our Certificate attests that your manuscript has been edited by a native English-speaking professional editor, but that the objective of the certificate is not to certify the level of the English.

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